Alexis Cohen is an independent artist and storyteller living in Los Angeles.

By day she is certified hypnotherapist and Creativity Coach. Alexis focuses her practice on helping women use their artwork and creative process as a form of healing. For nearly a decade she's blended spirituality, shamanism and artwork to empower lady artists to succeed. 

But now, she's putting the inky pen and paintbrush back in her own hands. Harkening back to her days at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and her stint as a muralist in SF, Alexis is back at the easel creating illustrations, graphic novels, and paintings. Drawing upon the female body and spiritual iconography in a lighthearted and humorous way, her work is meant to be interactive and inspire meditation.

Her latest project is the self-published children's book, Jaya the nighttime faerie & and the Music of Everything. When she's not buried in her sketchbook, she's  discovering her new home, Los Angeles, with her sweetie, filmmaker Brent Bishop.